Pizzarium Brings the Roman Art of Pizza to Downtown

By Hannah Sentenac Mon., Aug. 20 2012 at 9:00 AM

Italians know their way around a pizza. Hundreds of years before the first NYC pizzeria was hawking slices to harried commuters, Italy’s poor were eating it in the streets. In fact, the citizens of this European country are so serious about the craft that they have their own authority on all things pizza — Universita della Pizza.

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Pizzarium. A slice of Rome


At Pizzarium we take great care of you and the dough. Our dough is made in-house, it rises for 96 hours. Our crust is light and crispy, with plenty of bubbles. Not yeasty at all. The lightness of our pizza dough is due to a special procedure and natural technique, it contains a high percentage of protein and low sugar (simple sugar). That’s why it can be considered healthy pizza.

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