Pizzarium. A slice of Rome


At Pizzarium we take great care of you and the dough. Our dough is made in-house, it rises for 96 hours. Our crust is light and crispy, with plenty of bubbles. Not yeasty at all. The lightness of our pizza dough is due to a special procedure and natural technique, it contains a high percentage of protein and low sugar (simple sugar). That’s why it can be considered healthy pizza.



We are proud of our nation’s food heritage. We use the highest quality Italian ingredients, the meats and cheeses, the dough and the extra virgin olive oil. Our meats and cheeses are sliced in-house. This is only one of the ways in which we achieve the simple yet delicious and bold Italian flavors. We also prepare daily other national delights like the Calzoni and Arancini. True culinary gems.


We only use top quality all-fresh organic seasonal vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices to top our pizzas and to make delicious fresh salads. The sauces are organic and made in-house. Our veggies are also prepared and chopped in-house.

Healthy, Unique, Fresh, and Organic Autentica Pizza Romana!